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By Peter Weng 


Grey skies running over the sound

Horns blaring, lights flashing all around

Sensory overload but I don’t see

Total self-absorption – it’s all about me


I’ve got nothing to say but I can’t stop talking

On blankets and mats, the vendors keep hawking

I’m going a million miles a minute with nowhere to go

But I’ve got to keep on running just to stay in the show


My mind is cluttered when it should be clear

Desire, angst, and want are coupled with fear

I’m all over the place, high and low

Complete attachment, I don’t know how to let go


Running around just to get the reward

Too busy to be tired, too tired to be bored


Backlit and highlighted,

The rare bird’s been sighted,

Shipwreck’s been righted,

Buildings unblighted,

But were you invited?


Ego towers over the horizon

It gets so bad I’ve got to close my eyes and then

Open them again so I can see

That the sun is shining and I’m actually free


I think my icon is a golden calf

That I should tear apart and rend in half

But if I do I don’t know what I’ll have left

Will I feel enlightened or just bereft…

at what I have lost, hollow and gaunt

Emptiness is my goal, but is that really what I want?

The doubters are many, in fact they’re the majority

But their values aren’t mine, not as far as I can see


Got to let it go


Moving pictures hypnotize

Blurring the lines between truth and lies

Deep and shallow, genuine and fake

If you don’t know what to believe, what kind of choices can you make?


So just follow along, get in line,

Lay back and relax your mind

The camera never stops rolling

The camera never stops rolling

The camera never stops rolling or so Ronnie said

But I want to chuck that concept on its head

If it’s all about image, who needs knowledge?

Then hair cream and smiles are more valuable than college

At the same time a lot of learning’s misguided

Not expanding vision just cramming facts in my head

Achievements I question, they’re less solid than vapor

Diplomas and money are just pieces of paper


Got to let it go


Back to nature

Back to nature

Back to nature is roots, yet totally artificial

We’re so far from the content, it’s just the interstitial

The road less traveled is the same as the highway

Intellectual advancement or just moral decay?

Big city madness, small town insanity

Location and mindset where do you want to be?

Urban idyll, problems of rural sprawl

Can’t have everything but you want it all

End up with nothing though you want it all


Got to let it go